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Support our mission!

Sponsors, donors, and volunteers are the heart and soul of Safari Encounters. Every dollar you donate goes directly to supporting animal rehab, education, and conservation.

Safari Encounters / Become One Voice

Registered 501c3, EIN: 82-3297073


As a Safari Encounters Sponsor, your monthly gifts provide a predictable and sustainable source of income that allows us to plan ahead for future.

For just $25 - $50, you can help provide enrichment toys and activities or feed an animal for an entire month. 

For $75 - $100, you can help cover habitat and enclosure maintenance, and support educational and outreach programs.

Monthly gifts of $250 - $500 assist in veterinary costs, medical treatments, and specialized care for rescued animals.

Gifts of $500+ per month can be allocated to conservation research, or directly supporting an animal of your choice.

Choose your monthly tax deductible donation amount:



Your one-time donation will support everything from new toys and habitats to conservation research and education.

$100 - $300 supports enrichment activities or feeding for 1-3 animals for a month. 

$300 - $500 supports maintenance of habitats and enclosures.

$500 - $800 helps cover veterinary costs, medical treatments, and specialized care for rescued animals.

$800 - $1000 supports conservation and education efforts.

$1000+ can be allocated to an animal or project of your choice.

Make a one time tax deductible donation:

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Help us build a new home!

The Safari Encounters family is moving to a beautiful new property in Sonoma County with a greenhouse, spacious barn, and ample space for our animals to thrive and flourish.

We are looking for special donations to renovate existing structures and  build new enclosures and fences.

Perimeter fence: $50,000

Greenhouse upgrades: $60,000

Barn renovations: $30,000

Lemur & kangaroo enclosure: $40,000


Ready to make a lasting impact?



Join our family!

We need animal care, food prep, and fundraising volunteers.

Animal care

Hands-on animal interaction and care, including feeding and habitat cleaning.

  • Must have reliable transportation and communication

  • Must be able to commit to one day per week (2-4 hours)

  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs

  • Must not be afraid to get dirty! 

  • Must LOVE animals 

  • Weekend availability is a plus!

Food prep

Prepare healthy meals for carnivores and herbivores!

Mondays and/or Thursdays, 9 - 11AM. 


Our 501c3 is always looking for experienced fundraisers, grant writers, and advocates!

Send us a note with your interests and availability! Include your resume and a brief summary of your previous experience working with animals and/or nonprofits.



Love shopping?

Our animals need everything from toys to toenail clippers!

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