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All About Safari Encounters

Currently located in the beautiful  Sonoma County, CA over 100 animals call Safari Encounters home. Licensed by federal and state agencies we are able to provide exceptional educational experiences to all our guests. 

We provide a number of educational experiences such as therapy programs, parties, private tours of our facility, end of life programs , and much more. We actively work with several children hospitals including George Mark Children's House. When you book a program, donate, or support us in any way you are helping us donate those special moments to them. 

We often take in illegal animal confiscations, non- releasable native wilidfe, zoological cut backs, etc. We provide medical, shelter, enrichment, stability, and safety to all of the animals that are here. Our facility averages over 15 alligators and snapping turtles every single year making us one of the largest, if not the largest, crocodilian rescue in CA. 

We are the ONLY facility in this area that has NO animal welfare infractions with USDA and CA Department of Fish and Wildife. Feel good about supporting a program that practices and actively supports animal welfare in the wild and zoos. 




Brandi originally established Safari Encounters in 2016 in Fresno, Califorinia after graduating college with honors and having extensive previous experience with sloths, various primates, and cats.  She grew the program over the next few years to over 100 animals and moving to the Sonoma County. While she was guest speaking across the country she met Daniel. Daniel joined in 2019 and brought all of his zoological experience building and designing exhibits as well as, his passion for reptiles & aquatics. Graduating with honors after serving in the US Air Force he specializes in crocodilian biology and management.






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Looking for 15-20 acres

Want to help us expand our program?

We are ALWAYS updating, expanding, and growing our facility. We are in need of 15-20 acres in Sonoma County to build a new project. Email us if you would llike to help or learn more about this exciting opporuntiy! 

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