Online Programs available 

We have just been asking for donations for our animals' care  in exchange for programs. Our donations have ranged from $50-$300 BUT we will work with any budget. We came up with some “programs” to make it easier with a minimum donation next to it. If you can not afford it please let us know.

If you are able to help more the animals appreciate it in this uncertain time. 



Reptiles: snakes, alligator, snapping turtle $50

Standard: snake, alligator, hedgehog $50

VIP:  alligator, armadillo, sloth $75 

Elite: alligator or snake, armadillo, lemur, sloth $100 


Work calls - unlimited particpates  

$100 or Sloth or lemur or alligator

$150 for 2 animals

We do allow the students / guests to ask us questions during these calls.


We look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks for inquiring about our programs & supporting Safari Encounters!

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