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Online Programs available 

We LOVE virtual programs! 
We ARE booking virtual programs NOW! We can use Zoom, google, or Webex. Let us know if there is a different platform you prefer. Booking is easy! Call to schedule your class, workplace, birthday, or "just for fun" program today.  Payment is required prior to your presentation via venmo, cash app, or paypal. 



Reptiles: snakes, alligator, snapping turtle $50

Standard: snake, alligator, hedgehog $50

VIP:  alligator, armadillo, sloth or skunk $75 

Elite: alligator or snake, armadillo, skunk, sloth $100 


Work calls - unlimited particpates  

$100 or Sloth or skunk or alligator

$150 for 2 animals

Normal programs last around 30- 45 minutes. We give a 15 -20 lecture  and then allow students / guests  ask us questions. 


We look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks for inquiring about our programs & supporting Safari Encounters!

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