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Safari Encounters is an educational outreach program with our core values of Awareness. Conservation. Education.  We provide a number of services from educational programs, special encounters, weddings, and everything in-between! The costs of our programs go directly back into our animals including those that are rescues & behind the scenes.


We are located in Sonoma County, CA. Our availability and programs are ever changing. Please contact us for the latest information. 

Safari Encounters aims to inspire and educate our students / guest on the conservation of our animals and their ecosystems. Since our team has over 20 years combined, we can guarantee that all animals at Safari Encounters have a significant place in

every educational program and you will have experienced educators at every program. 

 We have AWESOME volunteers that help with programs, animal care, and any projects . We an organziation that provides the best environment for our animals and guests! We can always use your help. Old pet taxi's, blankets, donations, sponsoring animals or youth volunteers, volunteering in different departments, etc. We want you to get involved! Visit our involvement page 

Awareness. Conservation. Education.


We are supported by our nonprofit foundation "A.C.E."  A donation to this foundation helps us keep our animals healthy and happy! We are currently looking for 5-10 acres in Sonoma county to permanently move our animals to and OPEN OUR DOORS TO THE PUBLIC! This facility will allow us to incorporate some of our rescue animals into our mission of conservation through education and allow YOU to visit us. Our animal ambassadors have a FOREVER home once placed with us, even if they are retired from any educational programs. This is why our interest in an interactive park is so great so these animals can be part of our mission from the coomfort of their own habitat. Our dream is to inspire others and get them interested in their potential role in the world around them. We all want to leave our world a better place & we hope you choose to help us with our goal to do that! 
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