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Conservation Projects

The Full Story

Safari Encounters is home to some endangered species from around the world. We are actively working in collaboration with top notch facilities around the world on some AMAZING projects.

1. West African Slender Snout Project: West African slender snouted crocodiles (Mecistops cataphractus) are a critically endangered crocodile from West Africa. They are also the LEAST studied species of crocodile. Our girl "Andrea" is approximately 1 of 30 in the US. She is pairing up with a mate from another zoological facility in the hopes we can reproduce and preserve these amazing crocodilians. There are fewer than 500 left in the wild so these efforts are crucial. 


Want to help sponsor this project? Email us for more info! 

2. Invasive Alligator and Snapping Turtle populations in California. We happily live up to the name of crocodilian rescue. We actively take in over 15 alligators & over 20 snapping turtles per year. We are running out of facilities that will take in these long lived creatures that would face euthanasia without us. Help us build ponds, expand enclosures, and save these intelligent animals! 

Sponsors: Possibly you???

2. Lemur conservation. Our facility currently houses two species of lemur; ringtail and ruffed. With active breeding projects in collaboration with other licensed zoos we are able to help increase genectially diverse populations in captivity. 

Sponsors: Possibly you???

*This page will be updated with further projects soon! *Does not include daily intakes, incoming rescues, etc on this page. 



Let’s Work Together

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