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Welcome to Safari Encounters, where every animal is embraced as part of our family. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that these creatures are wild at heart, with their natural instincts intact. While some of these incredible animals may not be available for public education or require special requests for interactions, we ensure that over 100 animals are cared for with utmost dedication. Despite our love and care, these animals cannot be returned to the wild as they have adapted to life in captivity. Our primary goal is to conserve their wild relatives through education, and to achieve this, we maintain the necessary licenses, insurances, and experience for their optimal welfare. Remember, wild animals do not make good pets, and our focus remains on responsible wildlife conservation.


When you book a program or donate these are some of the animals you help.  (all are unrealeasble)



Illegal pet, extreme malnutrition. Permanent resident.

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Great Horned Owl

Swoop Dogg

Broken wing. Needed surgery. Permanent Resident

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Illegal pet. Confiscated from drug lab. Skinny & bone defects from poor care

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