While all our animals are loved as family, we must remember these are wild animals with natural instincts! Some of these amazing animals may not be available for education with the public or may only be available on special request. All of our animals are NOT pictured below as we care for over 60 animals. Most are rescues that reside peacefully on our ranch. Contact us to see what animals are available for programs as it is always changing!


Our animals come to us in a variety of ways and if you have ever heard one of our programs we are transparent with that. A lot of our animals were illegal pets or a pet its owner decided they no longer wanted to care for. We also get them from facilities that are closed down or that were over populated, and a few from RESPONSIBLE licensed breeding programs in the US for the sole purpose of educational ambassadors. Unfortunately, none of our animals can be returned to their wild habitats as they are accustomed to life in captivity. Our goal is to try to save their wild relatives by conservation through education! Most of the animals below we MUST carry a variety of licenses, insurances, and experience in order to care for them.


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